Building Types

The versatility of Nature-Tech’s ProFiber Cellulose Insulation allows it to be used in a variety of building types including residential, commercial, multifamily and municipal. These buildings can all benefit from the advantages that cellulose insulation offers in terms of exceptional thermal performance, fire resistance, sound control and carbon sequestering attributes. Thomas Jefferson used an early form of cellulose insulation to improve the comfort of his Monticello home, and more recent advances in the processing and installation have allowed it to become the insulation of choice for many architects and builders looking for high performance alternatives to inefficient fiberglass and environmentally damaging foam insulation products.


New residential buildings insulated with Nature-Tech’s ProFiber Cellulose Insulation allow us the opportunity to create something aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, while reducing the buildings carbon footprint for generations to come. Cellulose insulation is versatile, allowing it to be used in almost any building style and from the basement all the way up to the roof.

Commercial and Industrial

Nature-Tech’s ProFiber cellulose insulation can be used in virtually any type of construction. Commercial and Industrial construction can cover a wide range of different types and purpose of construction, but the many benefits of cellulose insulation are still beneficial to the building, the workers/occupants and the owners. The resulting buildings are comfortable and energy efficient, while also being quiet and safe. Spray applied cellulose insulation systems allow rapid installation times and the ability to fit into tight construction schedules. Many cost-effective fire and sound wall designs offer opportunities for superior occupant safety and comfort.


Nature-Tech’s ProFiber cellulose insulation works well in multi-family buildings because of its multiple benefits. Its superior fire resistance and sound attenuation characteristics make it uniquely suited to outperform competing insulation products in areas where fire and sound separation are important considerations. While the exceptional thermal performance of the insulation allows buildings to be energy efficient and comfortable. The safer, more comfortable and quieter experience for the people living or staying in multi-family buildings insulated with cellulose insulation while, the energy savings means lower energy bills for the occupants or building owners.


Construction and operating costs are important considerations in any building type. Nature-Tech’s ProFiber cellulose insulation offers a cost-effective opportunity to create a truly high-performance building envelope. Its multiple benefits allow for fire safe building construction with exceptional sound separation and comfort in mind.