Builders / Installers

Nature-Tech’s ProFiber Cellulose Insulation is a cost-effective way to improve the energy performance and comfort of your buildings while increasing its fire safety and blocking out the noise pollution of the outside world. This cardboard based cellulose insulation can be blown into open attics, damp sprayed into open wall cavities, and dense packed into closed cavities like walls, floors and roofs filling in all the gaps and cracks creating a more air sealed and better thermally performing structure.

Nature-Tech works closely with its network of insulation contractors utilizing our cellulose insulation making it easy to meet your local insulation and air tightness requirements while also meeting your clients’ energy performance and comfort desires.

Nature-Tech offers industry leading training and technical support to builders and insulation installers ensuring that your ProFiber Cellulose Insulation jobs meet and exceed your projects desired performance levels. Whether you are retrofitting, building a spec home, or constructing a Passive House we can help.