Technical expertise to make the beautiful buildable



Technical expertise to make the beautiful buildable

Many critical steps lie between a designer’s sketch and finished CAD-CAM manufacturing drawings. Nature-Tech engineering professionals guide each project through the process, with an eye toward maintaining the integrity of the original design at every step.

  • “Debugging” designs to spot unseen structural issues
  • Conforming plans to actual field measurements
  • Creation of preliminary CAD renderings and finish samples for client approval
  • Specification of woods, finishes and other materials for maximum strength, beauty and cost-effectiveness
  • Development of a complete set of detailed manufacturing drawings for client review


A precision environment, with room for craftsmanship

A tour of Nature-Tech's manufacturing facility will reveal sophisticated computer-controlled production equipment, installed a few steps away from traditional woodcrafting tools. This juxtaposition is very deliberate. It represents Nature-Tech’s ability to provide the efficient throughput of the industry’s high-volume providers, while maintaining a hands-on dedication to custom craftsmanship.

The master woodworkers who occupy this factory floor wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pre-installation Finishing

100% complete, before installation

Each Nature-Tech project goes through a unique pre-installation quality step, to the delight of construction clients who hate unwelcome surprises. Before a finished product is shipped and installed at a job site, it is completely assembled and quality tested on the factory floor of our Milwaukee, WI manufacturing facility.

Unforeseen problems can be easily addressed on the shop floor by our woodworking craftsmen and project managers, long before they have a chance to affect a client’s completion schedule.

On Site Installation

Hands-on involvement by skilled professionals

Installation, the final critical detail of quality architectural woodworking, is handled with the same professional dedication as every other element of a Nature-Tech project.

The process is managed by a crew of carpenters under the guidance of an experienced carpentry supervisor. The result is a timely installation, without the hassles that inexperienced providers can bring.