Project Management

Project Management

Assuring a quality process

Your project manager: a quality ombudsman from start to finish

The first step in a Nature-Tech project is the designation of a dedicated project manager. This Nature-Tech professional stays integrally involved until the project’s final step is complete.

The project manager serves as a professional conduit of communication between outside clients (including architects, designers or subcontractors) and Nature-Tech’s inside professionals. They also function as a client’s internal quality advocate, making sure that every part of the process...from blueprinting the initial design to assuring the accuracy of post-project invoicing...exceeds customer expectations.

Project Documentation

Precise communication at every critical step

Documenting the woodwork creation process can help eliminate misunderstandings that compromise project quality and strain valuable relationships.  This is why Nature-Tech creates a complete set of project documents as work progresses, and provides continual updates as project parameters and client requirements change. The documents created include:

  • Scheduling timetables
  • Change orders
  • Cost estimates and purchasing documentation
  • Conference reports
  • Project closeout documents and tic lists
  • Invoices and billing information

Accuracy in Measurement

The Nature-Tech Standard: field measurement by project managers

When it comes to assuring an accurate fit for our finished product, Nature-Tech project managers put their tape measures on the line.

A project manager personally performs an on-site field measurement, at the earliest possible point in a project. By leaving nothing to chance or miscommunication, we can take complete responsibility for assuring that the finished product will fit in its intended space.

It’s a small extra step, but it makes a big quality difference when timetables get tight and completion deadlines draw nearer.

On-time Assurance Policy

Six things Nature-Tech does to assure on-time completion:

  • On-site field measurements before each project begins
  • A project timeline...documented on paper...before project kickoff
  • Complete de-bugged assembly of finished woodwork in our plant before delivery to the installation site
  • The start-to-finish presence of a project manager with top-level responsibility
  • Assured expertise from a skilled crew of carpenters